Poultry: Spelled [pohl-tree] noun
Fowl, Poultry – Chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants, and turkey are fowl in the wild and poultry if domesticated.
Free Range – Supposed to mean that poultry is allowed to roam without being confined and is fed naturally grown crops, consuming only a vegetarian diet.
Poultry, Pullet – Poultry is derived from Latin pullus, “young animal” or “chicken”; a pullet is a young hen between the ages of a chicken and a mature fowl.


Traditional Feed

by Purina Mills
Purina Sunfresh Starter Medicated
Purina Sunfresh Starter Non-Medicated
Purina Sunfresh Layena Pellets
Purina Sunfresh Layena Crumbles
Purina Sunfresh Layena Hen Scratch


Gamebird Chows

by Purina Mills
Purina Layena
Purina Flight Conditioner
Purina Starter
Purina Sunfresh Flock Raiser Pellet
Purina Sunfresh Flock Raiser Crumble
Purina Turkey Starter
Purina Turkey Grower
Purina Turkey Finisher

Organic Feeds

by Modesto Milling
Poultry Starter/Grower
Lay Crumble
Lay Pellet
Cracked Corn
Whole Corn
No Soy Layer and Starter


Winners Cup

by Seed Factory
Jose Guerro
Pigeon Popcorn Gold
Pigeon Grit
Oyster Shell Flower
Health Grit
Flock Blocks


Frizelle Enos Feeds


Vittles Vault Food Storage
Chicken Coops
Nesting Boxes
Feeders/Waterers, Plastic and Galvanized
Automatic Fountains
Heat Lamps
Heat Lamp Bulbs
Incubators; Still Air/Forced Air
Egg Turners
Egg Cartons
Chicken Toys
Chicken Treats
Chicken Electrolytes & Vitamins
Poultry Dust
Diatomaceous Earth Dust
Leg Bands for Chickens
Vet RX
Rooster Booster, Pic-no-More
Poultry Remedy
Poultry Protector
Sulfamethazine Sodium
Tetracycline Hydrochloride
Vetericyn Wound & Infection Treatment
Ornacyn Plus
Baby Chicks February thru September

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