Our Sebastopol Store

Attention Frizelle Enos Customers. On July 13th 2013 our beloved Sebastopol store was set on fire by a arsonist at 5:30pm. The building and it contents were a complete loss. We are currently servicing our customers out of our Penngrove Location located at 10035 Main St. Penngrove Ca. Its about a 20 minute drive from Sebastopol. Deliveries are also still available. Be advised the Penngrove location has only about 75% of the products that were commonly bought in Sebastopol and doesn’t carry clothing or have a gift department.

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  1. Leanna Kielian says:

    To the Frizelle-Enos Owners and Employees. I am so sorry to hear about the terrible fire and the loss of your store yesterday. I sincerely hope that like the little Rex Hardware store in Petaluma you will rise above the ashes and the tears and rebuild as soon as possible. I want to extend a sincere thank you to all the Emergency Personnel who joined in from the local and nearby stations risking their lives to try and save the store if possible, and for their diligent work to prevent the fire from spreading further in town. I also want to thank those employees(?) for saving the live animals trapped in the path of the fire. I hope that sometime in the near future a community gathering can be assembled to thank all of those who assisted with this emergency. A dinner? BBQ? Fundraiser of some sort? for local emergency services? Or to assist employee’s temporarily out of work if that is an unfilled need not covered by insurance coverage etc.
    In the meantime I will continue to support you by shopping at your Penngrove store until you are able to rebuild here in Sebastopol.

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